About Us  

Mission:  make the best mead possible with what the honeybee has given me.  Since I have no control over where the bee gathers pollen, I appreciate the terroir in the honey they bring forth and move to enhance it in every possible way.  Only then do I stand back, taste the mead and yes ASK, have I done justice to the bee’s efforts and hard labor they provided to make this possible.  

I taste as much mead as possible, wherever I can find them and continue to ask the question “would the bees be proud of this?”  If not, often this is the case; I look at ways to improve it, always looking to improve the mead.  Sure the mead maker must start with good honey, the best quality honey possible to the mead maker. However, other factors enter that can led to mead that leave a lot to be desired, or pose the question "there got to be better mead out there some where."  And I mean, give me mead that is made only with honey, water and yeast.  That it.  Then and only then, you judge the mead and the mead maker. Enjoy the fruits and labor that the honeybees provided through the mead, for your enjoyment.  Relax, turn off all life distractions and say “life is good”, taste the honey, drink mead for a simple life experience.